powermatic 45 wood lathe

Solid wood lathe (650 lbs.)rebuilt with new bearings and spindle.Has 3 phase 3/4 hp. motor with converter to run on 230V. Has reeves variable speed pulley system with good belts for a wide selection of speeds. Comes with spur drive and live center on tailstock along with 5 face plates. Will turn 37+ inch spindle and has 12" swing over bed plus much larger peices could be turned outboard on left side of head stock. Spindle is 1" x8. 2 tool rests are 6" & 12" plus a threaded adapter rod to receive other tool rests such as curves. Set up and can be seen running. Face plates are; 2 1/4", 4", 8" left thread, 8" right thread, and 8" hand wheel on outside of head stock which is also a face plate. Comes with 2 videos. Will be put on a skid to be rolled up into pickup or on trailer. $600 Any questions e-mail or call Ken 608-383-3213. photos might be e-mailed later but friend with camera is away.
Updated 17-Aug-2011